Computer LAN Samba Access AirDisk-Q3C\T2\Q1
Computer LAN Samba Access AirDisk-Q3C\T2\Q1

Computer LAN mapped network drivers, such as Windows 7 system LAN access Q3C:
1. Make sure that the computer network cable or Wi-Fi connection is the same router as the Q3C.
2. Ensure that the Q3C is connected to the power adapter and network cable, and click the power button to turn on the computer. The LED status is green.
3. The mobile phone opens the “DM Disk HDD” APP→Connects Q3C Devices→Settings→Views whether the SAMBA function of Q3C is enabled. If SAMBA is not enabled, the device cannot be discovered!

4. Click "Map Network Drive" on the computer toolbar;

5. Enter the device IP address and network partition path, such as \\\AirDisk\Q3C-A

6. Enter the user name AIRDISK and login password (the same as the device access password)

7. Enter the mapped network driver (Q3C partition directory);

8. Browse device files;

9. Map Network Drive Complete