Android Cunbao instructions
1. Login and registration
Open the APP and enter the login interface as follows:

Enter mobile phone number and password and click "login", as shown below:

APP prompts "no device is bound", click the button below "add device".

Click the button below "scan code binding" and scan the qr code on the machine according to the operation instructions.

After selecting the device, you can bind the device as follows:

After successful binding, enter the main interface as follows:

2. Main interface
Click "+" in the upper right corner of the main interface, and the following options pop up. You can choose to upload pictures, music, video and files from the phone to the device

Click "picture" to display all photos in the phone for the user to choose, as follows:

After checking the photo to be uploaded, click the "upload" button to upload the file to AirDisk device, as shown below:

You can also see the newly uploaded files in the "recent" interface, as shown below:

The APP supports file sorting, as follows:

APP supports editing files in AirDisk device. Click the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the main interface, and the file will become checked:

After checking the file, click the "download" button in the menu below to download the file to the phone.

3. Home screen - photos
Display all photos in the device as a photo wall, grouped by date by default, as follows:

Click the "location" button in the navigation to switch to map browsing mode and display the photos uploaded to AirDisk device on the map as follows:

4. Home screen 
Click the administrator icon in the upper right corner:

Enter the administrator login interface as follows:

Log in and enter the administrator interface. The device can be set as follows:

Click "backup Settings" to enter the APP's automatic backup Settings as follows:

Open the "album automatic backup" switch, and jump to the "select backup album" interface, as follows:

Check the album for automatic backup and click "ok" button:

To view in the transmission list, the automatic backup is completed: