TV(For Q1/T2/Q3C/Q3S/Q3X/Q2)
Application introduction

AirDisk HDD TV is an Android application with AirDisk HDD Q3C/Q3S/Q3X/T2/Q1
1. Smart TV or box Android system requires Android 4.0.3 or higher;
2. The TV version application supports remote connection to HDD devices and supports online browsing of videos, music, pictures.
V1.0.3 update content:
1. Add video cover (thumbnail) browsing, more convenient to find files;
2. Add picture slideshow, support playback interval 3S, 5S, 10S, etc.;
Add image slide version to play, automatically play music in the directory where the image is located;
4. Add video playback, support for adding subtitles in the directory where the video is added.