AirDisk User Protocol
Special Note:
Before using the services provided by Shenzhen Damai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Damai Company”), please be sure to carefully read and fully understand the contents of the terms of this agreement, especially the parts marked in bold, including However, it is not limited to the terms of exemption or limitation of liability. If you do not agree to the Service Agreement and/or modify it at any time, you may voluntarily stop using the services provided by Damai Company; once you use the services provided by Damai Company, you are deemed to have understood and fully agreed to the Service Agreement. The content, including any changes made by Damai Company to the service agreement at any time, and become our users.
General provisions:

1.1 the user shall agree to the terms of this agreement and complete all registration procedures as prompted on the page.When the user clicks the "agree" button during the registration process, it means that the user has reached an agreement with the company and fully accepts all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

1.2. Upon successful registration, the company will give each user an account number and corresponding password, which will be kept by the user.Users shall be legally liable for all activities and events carried out with their user accounts.

1.3 once registered user account, unless the child channel requires separate open access, the user has the right to use the account to use big company each channel of single service, when users use big Wallace company each individual service, the use of user behavior as its terms of service for the individual services and big step in the individual service company of of all kinds of the consent of the announcement.

1.The member service agreement and individual service terms and announcements of each channel of Airdisk can be updated regularly and publicly announced by Airdisk.When using the service, you should pay attention to and comply with the applicable relevant terms and conditions.