Company Profile
AirDisk, owned by Damai Technology, is a brand devoted to creative storages, such as Wi-Fi Flash Drive, Encrypted USB and personal cloud. We are obsessive and passionate about what we do because we understand our creative storage products make our digital life easier and better.  Our AirDisk dream is backed by our seasoned R&D team, which takes up about 74% of the whole AirDisk team. Since the inception our team continue to provide innovative, reliable hardware and software products to enable smart and wireless connectivity, storage and control.  Damai Technology was originally the wireless storage BU of Longsys Electronics and now independent as a subsidiary company. Established in 1999, Longsys Electronics is a Chinese leading company focused on developing and manufacturing of storage related products and solutions. After 18 years’ effort, Longsys has grown into a key player in storage industry with strong R&D capability, serving custom base all over the world.
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8F, Building 1, Financial Base, No.8 Kefa Road, High-Tech Park, Shenzhen
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For Business: +86 755 86169222 ext. 227
Overseas: +86 15989852662(WhatsAPP & Wechat)