Q3C/S6 transmission speed is not up to standard self-diagnosis
Why is my LAN speed not up to standard?
1. Q3C theoretical transmission speed is 10MB / s, if the LAN speed difference is large, please check your connection mode, whether the route is 2.4G frequency band under WIFI, (2.4G frequency band interference is mostly slower than 1-2MB) /s) If you are using dual-band routing, please use the 5G frequency band (the wall performance is not good but the speed is faster) for a better experience. If not best, replace the new route or use a wired connection.
2. S6 theory continuous transmission speed is 100MB / s, file fragmentation may be reduced (when the hard disk read and write is poor, it may only be 60-80MB / s) If the LAN speed difference is large, please check your own Whether the route is 2.4G band in the connection mode or WIFI mode, if the dual-band route is used, please use the 5G band to get a better experience. If the wired speed is only 10MB/s, please check if your routing device is a Gigabit LAN port, whether the network cable is a Category 6 cable, and whether the computer network card supports Gigabit.

Click on the local link. In the pop-up state, the speed display is 100 Mbps for 100.0 Mbps, and Gigabit if it is displayed for 1.0 Gbps!

Why my net speed is not up to standard?
1. The speed of the external network is based on the actual broadband, and the one that is the slowest downstream of the sending end (Q3C S6..) or the receiving end (Android mobile phone IOS mobile computer....) is the standard (such as Q3C in the home network uplink 2MB/s in When the company's remote access, the company's broadband downlink is only 1MB/s, then the normal remote transmission speed should be the lowest value is 1MB/s)
2. The specific broadband situation can be tested at http://www.speedtest.cn. If your carrier is not connected to China Unicom, it may not reach the speed of actual testing, because such as Great Wall Broadband, China Digital Broadband, etc. Third-party operators and external network exports are not high, and most of the speed measurement is carried out by the operator's intranet traffic and external network traffic.